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We are a mixed group: moderate Republicans, liberals, and a few Bernie Sanders fans who are located in beautiful, downtown Philadelphia. And like a lot of people these days, find ourselves disturbed and alarmed at what seems to be a federal government that continues to spin out of control, affecting our personal and professional lives. And we vote! And we're frustrated by being told to call our congressman or write a letter when we want our voice heard. So we thought of another way to communicate that doesn't require reading (because we don't think our congressmen read anything except the menus for their fundraisers).

A big, splashy bold message in the same vein as a Tweet, except tangible. No envelope-opening required. And the message is readable from about 6 feet away. And they work! We've actually received responses from our representatives after sending out a few pilot postcards. So we hope you enjoy them, too, and find them a useful, very fast way of getting your thoughts in front of your senator or representative!

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Philadelphia, PA 19090.
Call Us - 9:00am - 4:00pm EST
Phone: 718.360.4977
Email: Contact@Dear-Congressman.com
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New Postcard Updates

We are constantly creating and publishing new postcards as significant political and social events occur. Our goal is to provide our subscribers with the tools to contact politicians and activists quickly with a mode that always gets attention: humor.
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