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No, it's still about Trump.

No matter the tragedy all around him, Trump still seems to make these visits to the devastated areas of Florida and Texas look like some sort of awards ceremony sans black tie. When he made his speech and grandstanding with Florida Governor Rick Scott, Marco Rubio was standing directly behind him and it was like you could just read his mind: "Oh just shut up...And PLEASE, don't bring up the election and how you won huuuugely....".

Flynn Junior is on Mueller's list.

That's one way to get Flynn senior to flip. He must have been holding out on Mueller all this time. Works for me. If nothing else Flynn Junior should be charged with libel and slander for his horrific "PizzaGate" lie.  Add accessory to a crime to those charges because Flynn Junior's story provoked one social media user to jump in his truck and drive to the pizza restaurant and threaten the owner.  

Duh Donald and DACA...What's he gonna do?

Looks like he really is going to throw these kids under the bus in order to satisfy his shrinking, but faithful base.  Trump knows the number of people who regret voting for him is growing stronger every month, so he's desperately dating his base even more fervently now. Ending DACA will be like placing an engagement ring on their finger and promising to marry them.  If he breaks ground somewhere along the Mexican border with a new section of wall (since the fence barrier has been in place for many years) it will be like a march down the aisle to their marriage ceremony, their love and bond permanently in place. "Sad".

Donald pretends like he cares about the young victims of Harvey

Donald's second trip back to Houston was somewhat of a mea culpa for the disaster that was his first visit a few days earlier. He probably would not have made it a second time if not for Mike Pence visiting the storm-stricken area a few days earlier and taking advantage of debris-moving photo ops from flooded homes, hugging the homeless and looking very, very presidential.

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