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rachel maddow - MSNBC

She's the brainiac, one of the best and whether you agree with her or not, you're going to learn something. Click here to order.

sean Hannity - Fox News

Sean is Trump's boy and probably the only anchor at Fox who hasn't been accused of sexual harrassment. Click here to order.

jake tapper - CNN

Jake never gets rattled.  Always calm, cool and collected and unaffected by the White House campaign to ruin CNN. Click here to order.

Mika and Joe - MSNBC

Got to hand it to them: Trump will never appear on their show again and what's best is they could care less. Click here to order.

Tucker Carlson - FOx news

Poor Tucker, still trying be relevant after all these years.  At least he's been smart enough to not get fired at Fox yet. Click here to order.

anderson cooper - cnn

Anderson Cooper has had a blessed life but still knows how to roll up his sleeves and kick ass. Click here to order.

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